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final post

I would love to say happy christmas to everyone and wish all best to you

this is the last two party which the wit did for international student

first is the christmas party

the second 12 pub party which was last friday

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as well as was great and i will post more of the in formation for next semester

and wish all best in your final

and have a safe trip back home




week for extending

to all international and arasms student the wit gave week extend to register if you would like to your dictionary in final exam

Hey guys

the timetable for examination has been on the wit website
good luck guys and hope all best to you

Hey guys

hi guys today i have some picture for the Arasmus  after try to do irish dance

blog1 blog2 blog3

all we have to do is  to thank the international office for doing this thing to our arasmus


thank again guys

HI guys

Hi guys today I am uploading some picture for the first trip for Arasmus student

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hope you guys enjoy then

and will post more soon as much as I can do

WIT is the great place to be abroad

Hi guys

I just asked the WIT international office how money Arasmus and international  this year and Guys guess




they have

94 Brazilians

420 Saudis  and Chinese

as well as over 120 Europeans

This is a great number for WIT

however there are some students still register over the world.

hope you guy enjoy this information

and the next post will be about the Halloween party which was in 26 of October 2013.


see you guys




This the table for semester one

Induction/Registration   and Reception for Exchange & International Students
Scenic Bus Tour   of Co. Waterford
International   Office Welcome Party for Students
Monthly   International office Movie Night
International   Office and Students Union BBQ for International Students
Chinese Cultural   Day
Halloween Party
EID Party
Monthly   International office Movie Night
Day Trip to Cork
Monthly   International office Movie Night
Diwali Party
Indian Cultural   Day
Monthly   International office Movie Night
End of Semester   Party

What does ARASMUS mean ?

ARASMUS means exchange students which all college do that to help their student to speak different language and made them feel better to prove their English as well as the WIT do some activity and give the introduction when they arrived to wit about culture and Irish life.

And in this blog will post some information about WIT their ARASMUS and what it do for them .

welcome to my blog

HI everyone

In this blog I am going to talk about Waterford Institute of Technology and international students.

As well as the event which WIT do for them to make them feel they and in their country.

if a few day I will upload some pictures for the events and some students